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Welcome to the ILCO (Illustrative and Participatory Community Planning) project website. The project is managed by VTT Technical Centre of Finland and co-funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. ILCO aims at developing, demonstrating and evaluating new visual web-based service concepts using mixed reality technologies for participatory urban planning. In our vision, the development of future urban living environments will be a transparent and collaborative process with different stakeholders.

The ILCO project is delivered together with the City of Tampere and the municipalities of Pirkkala and Lempäälä. Company partners are JJ-Net Group Ltd, Sweco PM Ltd and Visura Ltd.


The ILCO Cities process and its three main phases

In the ILCO project, the visual and participatory urban planning approach is developed and studied based on three main steps: visualisation, participation and influencing. The process offers a transparent, shared and easily perceived understanding of future plans and their effects on living environments. The ILCO Cities service also allows for a feedback and communication channel between citizens and communities’ officials and decision-makers.


Integrating building architecture models and urban planning solutions as part of the existing living environment


Citizens and other stakeholders are able to examine visualisations and they can give instant feedback by utilising the integrated online questionnaire tool.


City officials, decision-makers and construction companies can comprehensively consider citizens opinions and needs.

Demonstrations developed together with municipalities

Demonstrations have been developed together with the participant municipalities. The demos utilise mixed reality panoramic imaging solutions.


The demo visualises a sound barrier between a highway and a field.


The demo illustrates different options for the existing church area.


Tampere demo visualises urban and roof gardening around Tampere central arena 3D model.

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